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Green, Green, Green

March 23, 2013


On our third day of our trip, we bid good bye to the busy port city of Ensenada and headed south.  Noisy traffic gave way to the wide open road.  For the most part Highway 1 was in good condition, in places even with nice wide shoulders. Going through small towns, we expanded our vocabulary to include those words we saw over and over:

Topes – speed bumps leading into every small town forcing you to slow down. This is why you should double the amount of driving time for any distance from what you would calculate in the states.

 Yonke – finally figured out this meant “junk yard”

telesecundaria – rural elementary school in every town where kids are taught classes via satellite.

vado – dip in the road

curva peligrosa – dangerous curve

Shortly after leaving Ensenada we entered the lush Santo Tomas valley, Baja California Norte’s agricultural heart and home to the oldest winery in Baja California.  You don’t think of “green” when you think of Baja, but it was incredibly green, maybe because it’s the end of the rainy season, or maybe because of the crops grown there.  We will see when we return in May.

After a comfortable and easy 3 hour drive or so, we drove through the small towns of San Quintin and Lazaro Cardenas, turned down a dirt road heading towards the Bay of San Quintin and found the beautiful oasis of Jardines Baja.  Photos do not do this lovely hotel justice.  We also had a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant next door.  John had fettucine with shrimp and poblano peppers in a chardonnay sauce and I had sea bass stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and sauced with a white-win shrimp sauce.  Yumm.  So good, I forgot to take pictures! shame on me.Image