Warm scallop and edamame salad

scallop-edamame salad

It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while, I’ll try a recipe and don’t like the results.  Nonetheless, when I created this blog, I was resolved to publish all recipes I tried – good, bad and indifferent.  I wouldn’t consider this a bad recipe – it had some good fresh flavor combos, I didn’t like the texture, however, and the result was too watery.  I found this recipe on the Internet after doing a google search for “scallops” and “edamame,” two items in my freezer crying out to be made into something.  This recipe was on someone else’s blog with credit to Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  I didn’t independently verify if his/hers was an exact copy of Martha’s recipe. 

The only changes I made to the recipe were that I had small bay scallops instad of sea scallops, and I served the warm salad over a bed of greens lightly dressed with pineapple vinegar and olive oil.  The original recipe called for the scallop/edamame mixture over the puree.  The recipe calls for pureed and whole warm edamame (soy beans).  Unlike peas and other starchier vegetables, however, edamame does not puree well.  The recipe called for a small amount of water, I assume to thin the puree but there was no puree, simply finely minced and not held together bits of soybean  in a separated puddle of liquid.  The scallops also released a lot of liquid when sauteed (even though I added no salt to them, which I find is often the culprit during the saute process), and even after draining them before adding them to the salad, they released more liquid into the salad.  Fortunately, I only made half a recipe so no leftovers.


Cook 1/2 of the contents of a 16 oz bag of frozen shelled edamame in lightly salted water in accordance with the package instructions and divide as indicated below.


1/4 cup shelled and cooked edamame, per above

1/4 c. red bell pepper, finely chopped

1/2 tbsp sesame seeds

1/2 tbsp lime juice

squirt of Asian chile sauce

freshly ground black pepper

Combine ingredients and set aside

Puree (not)

Remaining cooked edamame, see above

2 tbsp fresh lime juice

3 tbsp water (I’d forget this ingredient if I were you)

1 tbsp mint

1 small garlic clove, peeled

ground pepper

Whirl above ingredients together in a food processor until smoth (never got to that stage!)

1/2 pound defrosted frozen bay scallops (blot dry well)

1 tsp canola oil

Heat oil in a saute pan till very hot, add scallops and saute .  Scallops cook very quickly, as soon as they start to turn color, remove them from the pan or they will become tough. Drain them of any liquid.  Toss scallops with the salad mix.

Line a platter with field greens and dress very lightly with vinegar and oil (I used pineapple vinegar I found in some gourmet store).  Top with “puree” and then with the scallop/edamame mix. Dress with a few more mint leaves.

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2 Responses to “Warm scallop and edamame salad”

  1. mamarose Says:

    I’ve been afraid of scallops ever since I read Anthony Bourdain’s book “Kitchen Confidential” – have you ever read it? He’s kind of a jerk, but it’s very entertaining, you might like it.

  2. squirrelmama Says:

    I’m scared to ask. What did he say? A facebook friend saw him in a little Filipino seafood shack out in the provinces somewhere – without his camera crew

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